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Youth Strategist | Chief Strategy Officer | Motivational Speaker | Author | Philanthropist

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Meet Tariko Satterfield Sr - an entrepreneur, innovator, Youth Strategist, and motivational speaker who has dedicated his career to coaching teens to XPOSE their gifts. His inspiring work is driven by his own story of overcoming generational trauma while growing up in Jasper, Alabama in a single-parent household. Despite facing numerous struggles, abuse, and hardships, Tariko refused to give up and instead found inspiration in people who uplifted him.


Tariko's determination led him to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in History, despite being kicked out of college his senior year and losing his scholarship. He accepted the consequences, completed the necessary program to re-enroll, paid his tuition out of pocket, and achieved his goal.


Throughout his career, Tariko has worked with over 20,000 students from diverse backgrounds in various organizations, helping them to find their purpose, vision, and hope, ultimately resulting in productivity. His efforts have been recognized with The Roberstine Duncan Youth Council Award, a proclamation from Mayor Peter Nystrom and city officials, and recognition at the 100 Men of Color ceremony.


Tariko has been a featured speaker at numerous events, including the NAACP Safe Summer program and the NAACP 50th Anniversary Celebration where he spoke on "Empowering Youth Through Education". He has also been a guest on several radio shows, including Millertime Radio's segment on disciplining your children and Debbie Kievits Community Friends Show.


In 2011, Tariko founded REALIFEMPIRE LLC, a company with a mission to renew the minds of the youth and help them find their purpose and vision in life. He believes in passing on generational wealth and the legacy he leaves behind for his children.

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Meet Tabitha Satterfield , an inspiring entrepreneur and co-founder of XPOSURE™ Ventures, Inc., a company that is dedicated to making single-parent communities better. Drawing from her own experiences as a single teenage mother, a single parent of four children, homelessness, and domestic abuse, Tabitha has an unwavering understanding of the struggles that come with parenting, raising children, and overcoming personal challenges.


Tabitha's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She has faced numerous challenges, but with her strength and resilience, she has emerged as a true leader and mentor to many. With an innate desire to impact the lives of single parents and their children, Tabitha has made it her mission to teach them how to navigate the stresses and hardships of parenting.


Prior to joining the XPOSURE Ventures, Inc. team, Tabitha served as the Director of Operations for her family-owned company, Brannan & Brannan Services. She managed the daily operations, developed customer relations, and established and developed the customer service division, along with overseeing other divisions of the company.


Her dedication to empowering others, coupled with her own personal experiences, has made her a valuable asset to XPOSURE Ventures, Inc. and the communities they serve.


Tabitha's passion for helping single parents and their children shines through in everything she does. She understands firsthand the struggles of being a single parent and is committed to providing support, guidance, and resources to those who need it most. Her journey is a true testament to the power of resilience, determination, and faith. Tabitha is a true role model and an inspiration to many who have faced adversity in their lives.

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