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Xposure Talks
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We are committed to working with corporations, communities, and influential leaders to create a ripple effect of positive change in our youth. By providing access to valuable resources and opportunities, we aim to inspire and motivate our members to unleash their full potential and make a meaningful difference in their homes, schools, and communities.

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Access our podcast show notes and transcripts here! Be a part of our vision for a better world where we normalize hard conversations and equip families with the tools and solutions they need to thrive. Our diverse and insightful discussions aim to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way. 

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Xposure Academy



Unleash Hidden Potential

We help students discover their gifts and their full potential. By tapping into their unique talents, they can develop the confidence to succeed in any field.

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Leverage Gifts
For Success

With our guidance, students can learn how to use their gifts as leverage for success, helping them to become confident leaders in our society.

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Leadership Development

Our program is designed to develop leadership skills in our students. We help them develop the tools they need to be successful in any field.

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Network with Industry Leaders

Our program gives students the opportunity to connect with high-networth industry leaders, expanding their horizons and opening doors of opportunity. 

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Our weekly sessions provide a structured and supportive enviornment where students can learn, grow, and connect with others.

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Build Relationships

We help students build local, national, and global relationships that can last a lifetime. By connecting with like-minded peers, they gain new perspectives.

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Our program is designed to be accessible and flexible, with virtual meetings that can be attended from anywhere, anytime.

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Decker Kevwitch

Ps. 37:14
“5 words: Building, Connection, 
Influence, Peace, and Purpose.
Meeting with Tariko has caused me to open up my curiosity into exploring myself more as a person, which in turn helps me understand others as well. Opening my mind to new areas of thought has made me realize some of the barriers I have put up for myself and created the desire to get closure on the past and clarity on the future."

Alma Flores

“Tariko and Tabitha are so special to me and hold a huge place in my heart. I feel comfortable with them which is so huge for me because I don’t normally open up to just anyone. I got to join one of their meetings via zoom (the God, Wealth and Health class) which was so life changing, they take the time to call me randomly to hear how I am doing, lift me up in prayer and just overall I’ve been so overwhelmed by the constant encouragement they have given me on a daily basis. Since I met them I have felt so refreshed, an abundance of peace and most importantly I feel loved. They won’t just speak truth over your life, but they will also make you laugh and help lift up your spirit. I am so honored to be walking through this new journey of mine with them by my side. It just comes toshow that God knows our needs and will meet above our needs if we are obedient and diligent."

Mary Hewitt

Kollab Youth Workforce Development
"Tariko Satterfield spoke to our youth about the importance of having a mentor, speaking from first-hand experience.  He was instrumental in having our youth understand that a mentor will support them, provide feedback, advice, and help them define and reach their goals. We appreciated his humor, insight and candor in helping our youth understand the personal and professional construct that a mentor provides, accelerating their development.  He emphasized that mentors can be a key relationship in their life and one that has the potential to impact choices and career trajectory significantly. We believe this was positive and impactful for our youth who have mentors!"
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The Pillars

The pillar of God focuses on spiritual growth and the development of strong values and principles. Individuals can develop a strong foundation of morals, ethics, and purpose that guide their personal and financial decisions by cultivating a deep connection with one's faith and spirituality.


The wealth pillar focuses on financial education, savvy decision-making, and asset accumulation. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage money effectively, save, invest, and plan for the future, they can build a strong financial foundation that supports not just themselves but also their families and future generations.


By prioritizing their physical and mental health, individuals can better manage the demands and challenges of wealth-building, maintain high energy and focus levels, and avoid costly medical expenses that could erode their financial assets. Additionally, by modeling healthy habits and self-care, parents can instill these values in their children, setting them up for success in their own lives.


for Daily Motivation 

listen in to a podcast that normalizes hard conversations and equips you with solutions to overcome challenges and achieve your full potential.

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Xposure Talks
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